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Major life events in comics!
I document so much of my life in comics, it seemed … lazy?… to neglect such a big part of it. I’ve been trying to get this one out for a while, but i’m not prone to sappiness or self-aggrandizing (despite what making endless comics about myself might imply) so i had a hard time figuring out an approach.

So i went with honesty :)
Last year Lucy Knisley told the story of her engagement in a heartfelt and open comic that i really respected. I respect ALL of her work, her comics are awesome, if you’ve never checked them out you totally should. In sitting down to tell my own story it made me think about what getting married means to me. I’m sure it means something slightly different to everyone, but is by no means any less meaningful. But crystallizing that idea helped me here.

I was sweaty and gross and said “Yeah. Sure.” and Jason didn’t change his mind. I think we’re gonna be alright :)

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Happy New Year!

Just some last scribbles from 2013.
Spooky Solstice Skeleton flies us into the new year, and my last/first drawings of the new/old year. This is something i try to do every year, to make sure i end and begin the year drawing, even if the drawings are extra dumb :)

Goodbye year of the McSnakersons, hello year of the horse-of-course. Whatever 2013 brought you, good or bad, i hope 2014 brings you lots of good and awesome times!

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Monocasco Concept Bike

The Monocasco Concept Bike is an electric version inspired by the original Ossa Monocasco bike of Santiago Herrero. Reliving the legacy of the legendary Sabtiago, who died racing his Ossa in the 1970 Grand Prix, this bike is a fitting tribute. The story goes that Ossa abandoned racing altogether after this tragedy. - Via


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A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Steven the Swordfighter

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Sam Bosma, Steven Sugar

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai, Katie Mitroff, Gyimah Gariba

Woo! I liked this episode a lot. The Lonely Blade backgrounds were so much fun to design. I did the top two and the couple shots of the temple, and the bottom one is a new version of an older one I designed. Steven and Emily do such a crazy good job with the house.

(via animationtidbits)