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Thanks to everyone that came to see me at Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con this year!   Here again are some of my favorite sketch covers from those conventions.

Stay tuned to this Tumblr to hear about any future signings I’ll have.

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Adventure Time doodles (again).
Some Ice King, because watching a few episodes after work reminded me how funny he is.

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Over the Garden Wall — Behind the Scenes

It’s no secret we’d do just about anything to support the wonderful work of former Adventure Timer Pat McHale, so it shouldn’t be a surprise we’d post this behind-the-scenes video for his upcoming Cartoon Network project, Over the Garden Wall. It looks so good!

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I took part in a lovely cover design brief organized by Computer Arts, which I personally consider one of the best graphic design mags here in UK.
The cover design brief was themed around “NEW TALENT” - the issue was dedicated mostly to recently graduated media students, fresh and talented crowd. 

I created and submitted two artworks to this contest, and neither of them won!
But CA team liked my contribution and were so nice about it they printed it full size on two freakin’ pages, and I must say that’s just awesome. More than happy with that.

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